TCNIJMEGEN1Truckcenter Nijmegen
THEMAR-TRUCKS2Themar Trucks N.V.
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PLOEGMAKERS4Ploegmakers Machinery
MAGI5Magis Trading
HOUFFALIZE6Houffalize Trading SA

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Who are we B.V. has 19 years' experience in the used vehicle market. The search engine, with its links to a host of foreign sites, attracts visitors from all over the world. So as a subscriber, there's no way you can't succeed! The sites give you the opportunity to offer your stock on the Internet in the form of an advertisement with a colour photo at very low rates.
You can put your own stock plus photos on and present your company on our dealer page. We¦ll be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have. We can also come out to see you with no obligation at all on your part to give you a presentation on and/or explanation of the options we have on offer.