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Pirelli 335/80R20 PS22 (Nieuw)

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    Banden vrachtwagen onderdeel
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    Volkel, Nederland
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335/80R20(12.5R20) Pirelli PS22 Pista 147K TL

A multipurpose tyre designed for vehicles used in demanding off-the-road situations on various types of surface (asphalt, track, muddy or grassy terrain, sand).

This tyre is also excellent for military vehicles.

The tubeless version permits the use of the special “bead lock” and “run flat” systems inside the tyre.

The 335/8020 Pirelli PS22 Pista TL Features

- Robust blocks, alternating with deep grooves, ensure maximum traction, particularly on soft natural surfaces (grass, mud, etc.) or inconsistent terrain (sand).
- The tough ties between the tread blocks provide excellent protection against tearing and chunking.

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